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Neige Y.
Acne + breakouts, combination skin, and hyperpigmentation
Phaedra D.
Rough texture, little bumps, irritation
Martina B.
Cystic acne, oily skin, dark marks
The Selfie Line from Notox Skin is a game changer for me. I have very sensitive, acne prone skin and I've been trying different skincare routines for as long as I can remember. Nothing has been as effective or as gentle as this. My absolute favorite product is Step 3- Liquid Gold- 10/10. This serum is a hyper-pigmentation gladiator! I'd recommend these products to anyone. Reach out to them on any of their many platforms, get a FREE consultation based on answers to some key questions (what?! YES), get the products and then just follow the routine. Be consistent and results will follow.
Mikaela S.
Dark acne scars, dry skin, sensitive
"I will never forget the day that I marched into a retail store after 4 months into an awful breakout with my unshaken conviction that Notox WOULD work for me. I was done with acne - desperate and honestly sad. They dm'd back and forth with me for a week to get the routine perfect for me - after just one use, my skin was loving it. Inflammation and irritation had reduced significantly and my skin was beginning to glow! I'm 3 month Notoxed and the results speak for themselves. I haven't had one uncontrollable breakout and those bad acne flare ups are a thing of the past. Notox Skin products are POWERFUL, quick acting and exactly what you need."
Pearl G.
Rough texture, oily skin, blackheads
"I started using the Selfie Line when I was ready to give up on my skin. I had spent so much money on expensive products that just kept making my scars even darker. That's when I got a Dm from Notox Skin on their Instagram page. The after picture is 5 months after using the Selfie Line twice a day. The picture doesn't lie!"
Melissa H.
Acne + hormonal breakouts, oily T-zone, sensitive skin

Understanding Acne on Black Skin

Prevent dark spots and scars by treating acne early
For babes with darker skin, acne usually comes with discoloration and a dark scar. Experts and dermatologists recommend treating this acne asap. The earlier the better.
A multi-functional solution is a must
The best skincare products for people with more melanin in their skin will also have calming ingredients to help reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation and scarring.
The secret to winning the battle
Finding the right routine for your skin type and color ultimately decides if you're going to reap all the benefits of those products. This kind of routine can effectively treat the acne and ensure that you will not have to correct the discoloration from harsh products down the line.

Say hello to the world's MOST PRACTICAL and effective skincare system

"What I love most is the glow and how soft my face is after my routine."
Lauryanne's simple skin success.
I would usually break out on my forehead but after using the daily face toner- STEP 2 (pH Queen) and the STEP 3 serum, Liquid Gold, my face is clearer and smoother than ever. I was especially amazed at how fast the products work, knowing there are no harmful chemicals.
Olivia's simple skin success.
I have used the Selfie line for two years and I have been loyal since.. til death do us part. My skin glows different thanks to Notox Skin!
Flavia's simple skin success.
I've been using Notox Skin products and the recommended routine for years now. I noticed a dramatic difference in the elasticity of my skin. It felt instantly more hydrated.
Agnes's simple skin success.
I have very sensitive, acne prone skin and I've been trying different skincare routines for as long as I can remember. Nothing has been as effective or as gentle as this. And how easy, just take the quiz!
Neige's simple skin success.
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