Wall of Babes: Seamoss Goddess Zana

We’re so excited to bring you the super confident, super sexy, super hustler-babe, ZANA! This Thursday she’s going to wow your socks off with a routine to achieve the silkiest booty ever 💋.

Q: describe your best date ever
A: My best date ever would have to be the blind date I’ll never forget. A close friend introduced me to this guy (this was before Facebook) and we agreed to meet in Aruba (no strings attached)after talking for 2weeks!. We both never been to this beautiful island and were excited to explore together. We met at the airport and boom it was Lust at first sight! He was Fine!! Long story short, I had a lot of 1st time experiences on that trip..Sex on the beach was one of them.I’ll never forget Him.

Q: favorite food?
A: Favorite Food is def vegan pizza (used to be regular pizza but of course I’m vegan now so).

Q: Favorite color?
A: Favorite color is green.

Q: Fav beverage?
A: Favorite beverage is coconut water because Its so refreshing and if I’m lucky I get to indulge in the jelly.

Q: Describe your most embarrassing sexual experience. Don’t leave out details! Our babes love them;)
A: Most embarrassing sexual experience was when I was making love with my daughters father at the time. The room was dark and the sex was so good my kitty was the wettest it’s ever been! When it was all over I turned the lights on to see Blood all over crispy white sheets!

Q: What outfit makes you feel super sexy?
A: Clear skin, hair pulled back wearing a sexy dress with stilettos makes me feel super sexy.

Q: Last tv show you binge watched on Netflix/Hulu/whatever?
A: Last tv show I binge watched was BREAKING BAD.

Q: why did you decide to start selling seamoss?
A: I started selling seamoss because a lot of my friends and followers would inquire for it. I got tired of being the middle man so I decided to build a farm to supply.

Q: when did you start using Notox Girls products?
A: I started using Notox Girls products about 6 months ago.

Q: Fav Notox goodie?
A: My favorite Notox product is the MERMAID MUD moringa mask. My face feels so refreshed and tight after using.

Q: What piece of advice would you give your 16 year old self?
A: One piece of advice I would give 16 year old me would be to change my diet to a healthier one because eventually it will affect your skin and body.



Check out ZANA’s business profile & shoot her a DM to order seamoss. Want to know the benefits? Check out her page!!

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