WALL OF BABES: Chloé Belle Cheveux

She’s got hair. She’s got sass. She’s got some amazing life advice. Tune in on Thursday at 7pm AST. We’re going live with this babe on our Instagram page. Don’t miss her tips on hair products, oily skin/acne  on the hair line, and liiiiiife! 

Q: What is your favorite thing about living in ATL? Least favorite?

A: Favorite Thing: I just love the overall vibe , opportunities are endless & literally at your finger tips, especially in the hair/beauty Industry. 

Least favorite: Dating is hard & kinda scary.

Q: Favorite hair look of all time on yourself?

A: I have so many, hard to pick, but I think I love myself in long bone straight black or long curly black hair .

Q: Favorite beverage and why?

A: Any flavor Lemonade, especially strawberry lemonade. I love it cause It’s refreshing & not too sweet.

Q: Most embarrassing sexual experience? Don't leave out any details!

A: Lol 🤦🏿 so we we in a very awkward position & I farted , but I tired to play it off  cause it was silent (you know these are deadly) ...I definitely smelled it & I’m sure he did too but he either pretended he didn’t or was just too into it to care 🤣

Q: What makes you feel extra sexy?

A: Wearing something very feminine like satin or lace. My makeup being simple/flawless and any of my wigs  always make me feel super sexy.

Q: What was the last TV/Netflix show you binge watched?

A: All American 

Q: What was the hardest thing about starting up Belle Cheveux?

A: The hardest thing about starting up was trying to figure out how to go about pricing for the services I offer.

Q: When did you start using Notox Girls products?

A: I started using NG Products about 3weeks ago.

Q: Which is your favorite Notox product and why?

A: The Vitamin C serum (Liquid Gold) cause it helps with blemishes and that’s my major problem area.

Q: If you could give yourself one piece of advice when you were 16, what would it be?

A: You’re on God’s timing not yours. Life won’t always be like this.

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