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Hello ladies (and gentlemen),

My name is Agnes and I'm the mama of Notox Girls. I love skin stuff. All things skin and all things yummy-smelling and tasting (thus, the pineapple). So here’s the scoop: I've used every skin product imaginable. From the "acne-fighting" teenage line that won't be named (rhymes with gro-tractive) to the super high end and completely over-priced designer lines.

The thing about all these products is this: their #1 goal above all else isn't your skin, or your health, or even your popularity- GASP! They need to make $$$- whatever the cost. So they use effective (yes, sometimes effective) ingredients, but these ingredients have NO BUSINESS on your skin or in your body.

The day I realized that I was putting chemicals on my face was when I spilled some of my cleanser on my carpet... and bleached it. What?!#%*

Skin is our biggest organ. If we’re eating clean for our heart and our belly, let's feed our skin the same things.

The vision of Notox Girls is simple: bringing you completely, 100% natural products from local sources, making it smell less like dirt and more like brownies.

Here's the thing- we can't call it "organic" because there's no such thing as "organic" on the islands where our ingredients come from. Everything here grows wild. Really wild. So instead of organic, you can say free-range and crazy, wildly natural. Whatever you call it, it's the best of the best that you can put on your face. Guaranteed. Pinky promise.

We are Notox Girls. Say no to toxins and yes to the skin brownie movement.

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Making natural skincare smell less like dirt and more like brownies.

~ Notox Girls