The Selfie Line

Hey you,

It's Agnes here- the happy blonde kissing the Selfie Line in the pic. If we haven't met in person, I'm hoping we get to know each other a bit through this post;)

I don't have perfect skin. But I have learned to be happy with healthy skin.

Healthy skin goals is why I created the Selfie Line. Not skin perfection. I was so exhausted with comparing my face to photoshopped model faces in magazines & scrolling through my Instafeed. I'd see a product and buy it because the model/influencer in the picture had "perfect" skin. And then it wouldn't fix my problems. Or it would make my skin even worse. And then we would repeat the cycle again.

Simple skincare makes a bigger difference than you think.

Using tons of active ingredients in your products really tests your self-control AND your skincare knowledge. I'm a licensed esthetician and even I get overwhelmed with it all sometimes!

The Selfie Line is fool-proof, ALL skin type friendly (no, seriously. We mean ALL), really-can't-get-it-wrong skincare kit.

1. CLEANSE: Angel Face

2. TONE: pH Queen

3. CORRECT: Liquid Gold


Four steps. Day and night. Add whatever else you want!

Using a retinol? Apply as step 5.
Using a BHA exfoliating liquid? Apply after step 2.
Using an exfoliating serum? Apply after step 3.
Doing an at-home chemical peel? Apply after step 2 and good luck hun!

But here's the bottom line: your skin is already perfect. We're just here to make it easier to achieve healthy skin;)

Drop a comment for me, ask me a question, shoot me a DM, let's chat! I love to get to know each and every one of you. That's the Notox difference <3

Lots of love, and no toxic crap-

Agnes xx

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