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You may be wondering, where in the world did this company come from? I’m so glad you asked! Notox Girls was a tiny little idea started by one skin-care obsessed babe in St. Lucia. That’s in the Caribbean & here are a few fun facts about the island!

1. St. Lucia is the only island with a feminine name (who runs the World?) She’s often called “Helen of the West Indies”.
2. The people of St. Lucia are considered some of the friendliest in the Caribbean- for sure!
3. The island is loaded with amazing ingredients for skincare
4. Here are a few Notox ingredients that are local to St. Lucia: hibiscus, seamoss, and castor oil (just to name a few!). So in September of 2016, the company was born & it was about a year later that the Selfie Line made its grand appearance. OH. EM. GEE. That was a game changer for the Notox babes! The company quickly started getting lots of traction because of the amazing results that babes were experiencing with this 4-part system. It includes a face wash (link), face toner (link), vitamin C serum (link), and face moisturizer (link).

The Selfie Line started to fade dark marks. It started to heal acne. It started to even out skin tone. It started to make babes GLOW. So we decided we needed to make the Selfie Line available to our US babes! Fast forward to 2020, and here we are :)Not only is it available... the Selfie Line is your golden ticket to visit our magical island of St. Lucia! We’re partnering with Stonefield Villa Resorts to give one lucky babe a 3 night stay in an ocean view villa + breakfast included + private pool. That’s a $1,500USD value.

Think that’s amazing? Wait til you get the really freakin’ crazy news... we’re also giving you a free serum. Just like that. Because you’re awesome & you deserve free stuff. Now while supplies lasts, we’re giving a FREE vitamin C serum ($38 value) with every Selfie Line purchase. Use our code “MYFIRSTSELFIE” to pick it up for just $99.97! Or click here :)From St. Lucia, to the US, to the world. Help us spread more love, less toxins:)

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