The Cycle Series: INTRO

*Agnes is not a doctor or medical professional. All of the information in this post is suggestions and should not be treated as medical advice. If you have serious hormonal imbalances, suffer from PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, or any other medical conditions, please reach out to a functional doctor for a treatment plan.*

Welcome to the cycle series! As in your menstrual cycle. Your period. That monthly clock that mother nature has given us that governs so much about us. That cycle.

So why do we as women need to focus on our cycle at all? Does it REALLY matter if it's irregular? Or does the color really make a difference? How about those pesky PMS symptoms- aren't we just supposed to deal with them?

If you're a woman and you've never really studied the BEAUTY and POWER that is locked in your menstrual cycle, join me- Agnes- on this incredible journey to unlock the mysteries of the period! I have recently started to dive into the importance of all things period, so join me on this adventure



1. A healthy, regular cycle is one of our body's vital signs. Right up there with temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and pain.  

Let's look at it this way. If you've got a fever and you're in a ton of pain, you're going to be worried and you'll probably go to the doctor. You'll watch those body signals and notice that something is wrong. So why are we okay with painful periods, missing cycles, unbearable PMS symptoms, and being prescribed birth control to try and regulate our cycle? Shouldn't we figure out WHY? 

Let's not settle for leaving it as a mystery. Let's discover the power of our cycle.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant, have children, or have no intention of having children- if you are a female, your body is constantly working on staying fertile.

The language of the female body is hormones. And the key to speaking that language is LOCKED in those 28-32 days that cycle around from when we get our first bleed up until menopause.


2. An irregular and unpredictable cycle is a sign of a hormonal issue. So let's try and understand our cycle in a quick nutshell.

Our cycle is made up of FOUR phases. 

Menstrual (3-5 days) - this is your actual bleed and your uterus shedding it's lining after building it up in case of pregnancy.
Follicular (7-10 days) - your body is now preparing to release another egg!
Ovulation (3-5 days) - hormones are at an all time high as the egg is released.
Luteal (10-14 days) - hormones levels start to drop and hit their lowest levels right before your next bleed.


Non-serious reasons your cycle may be irregular or missing:

  • you've gotten off a birth control pill within the last 3-6 months
  • you've recently gotten an IUD put in
  • you're breastfeeding or pregnant

*Any of the above reasons usually resolve within a few months, so be patient and cycle on!*

More serious reasons your cycle may be irregular or missing:

  • you're on birth control (note: if you are on the pill, your "period" is not a real cycle. It is a withdrawal bleed. So you are missing your cycle.)
  • you are under a chronic state of stress or fatigue (adrenal fatigue is the most common)
  • you are exercising too vigorously and sending your body into stress
  • you are not stabilizing blood sugar properly or practicing intermittent fasting (sorry, this one is just not a great option for most women)
  • you are eating too many estrogen-stimulating foods (too much estrogen is NOT a good thing)
  • your home is filled with fragrance-laden products and you clean with bleach + harsh chemicals that pollute the air in your home

Don't freak out. You've probably got a ton of questions now. 

That's why I'm launching the Cycle Series! Your worries, questions, comments, and curiosities are all welcome. I will do my absolute best to cover them all.

3. Syncing with your menstrual cycle can help you reap MANY MORE benefits from your already established skincare regimen and products.

Think about what this could mean. If you understand your body and your cycle; if you begin to know WHEN your hormones rise and fall, which hormones are responsible for what, when you will need to take a break, when you can push harder at the gym... you'll also be able to unlock the best time of your cycle to exfoliate. You'll know when your skin will be feeling dry or when it will be it's most plump. Your "PMS breakout" won't have to happen because you'll find the reason it's there, expect it, and hopefully prevent it over time! You'll learn when you should reach for the retinol and when you should shelf it. 

Bottom line: our sixth vital sign is important. It affects our physical health, our mental health, and our skin health.

Join me on this period piece;)

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