SELFIE WEEK: win big!

Hey gorgeous, AS IF you need another reason to post a selfie, we’re giving you, your mama and your bff a reason to really up that selfie game. Starting January 4th (first Monday in 2021) through January 8th (that following Friday) we’re telling all our customers, Instagram followers, and Notox babes all over the world to selfie HARD!!!

Every day, we’ll be giving away free products to our favorite selfie taker. Winners can be located in the USA, Canada, and Saint Lucia! We’re ALL doing Selfie Week together. Yay!

SELFIE WEEK is about making you feel that you are:

S is for SEXY in your own skin.
E is for EVERYTHING you need to be happy.
L is for LOVED and wanted by self and others.
F is for FINE as hell and you know it!
I if for IRREPLACEABLE to your family and friends (and us!)
E is for EMITTING glow inside and out.

Here are the prizes you can win:

MONDAY: Angel Face daily face wash
TUESDAY: pH Queen daily face toner
WEDNESDAY: Liquid Gold daily vitamin c face serum
THURSDAY: Basic B  daily face moisturizer 
FRIDAY: SELFIE LINE everything above

packaging may vary due to your location


Take a selfie that you LOVE!

Tag us in it on Instagram and use the hashtag #notoxselfieweek

Check back same day at 6 pm AST to see if you’re that day’s lucky winner!

Post as many selfies as you want! Story AND feed post selfies equally welcome.

Bonus: post selfies using your Notox goodies. We love seeing you show off your products.

Let’s start 2021 by just loving ourselves, loving on each other, loving on our skin, because 2020 was super tough! We deserve to feel loved!

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