How to Layer Products {and not lose your mind}

It can be more difficult than algebra, geometry and calculus combined… a proper routine! Here’s a cheat sheet with explanations on how to use active ingredients with your Selfie Line. Hint: it actually helps your active ingredients work BETTER! 

This specific combo is one that we’ve recommended to tons of babes and they’ve seen serious results. It’s GREAT for acne-prone, oily, rough skin that has dark marks & discoloration. Skin school is in session:)

Here are the products you’ll need:

    1. Selfie Line {face wash + toner + vitamin C serum + light moisturizer}
    2. BHA solution {salicylic acid} - a liquid solution works great
    3. AHA serum/gel - the lighter the better, don’t overdo it! Start slow, just a few times a week
    4. Retinol light moisturizer - mix it with your Basic B and for the love of all things glowing, SUNSCREEN HARD THE NEXT MORNING!!!

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