Can natural products ACTUALLY fade dark marks?

Oh boy… can we just say YES FREAKING YESSSS!!! Check out a few reasons why you should have ALL the faith in your natural products :)

  1. 1. Our bodies respond to natural products better. It’s a fact! Harsh ingredients like bleach and different lightening agents may do the job faster, but your skin could end up with weird discoloration that is WAY more difficult to fix than just acne scarring.
  1. Natural products are changing and evolving with every passing day. The super-star, rockstar ingredients of the skincare industry are usually born in the natural world and more times than not, they’re derived from fruits, vegetables, and all the wonderful greenery around us. Just because it’s natural does NOT mean it won’t work!
  1. Consistency will always get you there fastest. It’s especially true with your natural serums (like Liquid Gold). We’ve filled our vitamin C brightening serum with a secret Caribbean-born ingredient called seamoss (labeled as “Irish moss” which is mega confusing but that’s just the INCI required name!). This incredible sea-born ingredient is filled with all the minerals your body needs to thrive. That includes your skin! So you’re getting a huge dose of vitamin C to fade dark marks, and a heaping portion of seamoss-derived-minerals for an unbeatable glow. Natural products at their finest!
  1. Natural products play so well together, even different brands mixing. Not so with super harsh products! You’ll find that over-drying “acne fighting” products usually have you feeling all sorts of redness and dryness when mixed with another “acne fighting” product. That’s because your skin doesn’t like to be beaten and dried out! Treat it nice, show it lots of vitamin and mineral love, and you will absolutely reap the benefits ;)

So can natural products ACTUALLY fade dark marks?? Oh gosh, yes. A million times, yes.

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