5 Quick Tips for Healthy Skin

You’ve probably heard it all and read it all by now. But here’s 5 quick tips for healthy skin that maybe you’ve been sleeping on because, well, 2020. 

  1. SLEEP: the real kind, not the hungover after binge watching the newest Netflix limited series kind of sleep. You know the kind… where you take a bath before bed, cup of tea, clear your mind, maybe journal. It’s crazy but honestly, sleep REALLY is underrated. So don’t underrate it! Keep in mind that your skin does MOST of its’ healing, shedding, and regenerating when you sleep. So your nighttime routine is CRUCIAL for amazing results.

  2. MASSAGE TOOLS: ok before you get too excited… we’re talking face massage;) Face rollers, gua sha tools, even spin brushes, konjac sponges, and especially ice rollers are all amazing options in switching up the love you’re giving your face without any change in products. Because sometimes that can be kinda scary. Wanna know the best thing about all these face massage tools? They play well with your Selfie Line;)

  3. LAYERING: we all get to a point in our skin routine where we realize that the ORDER of products is almost as important as the products themselves. You’d be crazy to apply a serum before you cleansed, right? What a waste of precious product! Well same goes for applying an exfoliating product BEFORE vitamin C. Maybe you didn’t know that one… here’s a quick, easy way to make sure you’re making the most of all your incredible products. After you’ve done your cleansing, apply products from lightest (water-iest) to thickest (moisturizer being last). Here’s an example of a dynamite routine that involves the one and only Selfie Line + some active ingredient-filled products:

    The Selfie Line

    +CLEANSE with Angel Face daily face wash 
    +TONE with pH Queen daily herbal toner 
    +EXFOLIATE with your favorite BHA liquid + cotton ball
    +CORRECT with Liquid Gold vitamin C face serum
    +HEAL with your favorite retinol/retinoid light cream
    +MOISTURIZE with Basic B daily face moisturizer
    +PLUMP around the eyes with your favorite eye hydrator

  4. TURN OFF: you’ve probably realized by now that too much time on social media or CNN is going to warp all the inner peace you’ve worked so hard to maintain. This is your zillionth reminder to make sure you turn off DAILY! For your mental health, for your soul, and psssst! For your skin!

  5. BALANCE: this word is probably our least AND most favorite word. Because it’s everything. All of our successes and failures in life (and skin care) can come down to- did you balance it though? For example, that slice of cake would have been totally fine if you had a small slice at the party. It becomes a problem when you bring the entire cake into your bedroom and lock the door so you don’t have to share. And your new exfoliating at-home chemical peel is probably amazing, but if you’re using it every other day… you may be wondering why your skin is even worse than before. BALANCE mamas. Balance!

Cliff Notes: sleep better, use face tools, layer products properly, turn off every day, and balance it all out. Until next time, babes! xx

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